Wednesday, August 29, 2012

.. A Tough Season ..

This season has been really tough..

Church. It's been really tough.. though something to rejoice about is the unity & love that has emerged. :) But like what Ps A shared in one of the devotion... We are like walking, yet a dark cloud is hovering over us. But it's ok. We need to keep walking. We need to keep doing what God has called us to do.

Family. Since dad fell sick, things started to change as well. The way we live our lives got to adjust & change. Though I really thank God for the good things that has happened since then - dad stopped smoking, stopped drinking, stopped offering joss-sticks to idols since he got discharged from hospital - he went to church twice so far. Once was during our recent 23rd Anniversary, which all of us teared in the service during the worship that day. Cos we knew it was such a great breakthrough. The 2nd time was last Sunday, where he attended the Dialect Church svc with Mad & Mum.

My prayer is that I really hope Dad will open his heart to receive Jesus Christ into his life. Cos I believe Jesus will heal him.

It's really draining to the body, soul & spirit when things are, 一波未平,一波又起。

I hope to prepare a good word of encouragement for my zone meeting next Friday... With all that is happening, I know God is doing something.

I trust in His goodness, His sovereignty, His will, His grace, His thoughts & ways.

God will answer the prayers we make, in His timing. Let me have the faith & patience to see His glorious ways unfold.

Faith with patience will indeed inherit the promises of God.


Biniam Tekeste said...

I believe no matter what you are going through God is in control. Just remember that He is the only good thing in this world. His promises are true and His plans for you and your family are so good and perfect. I would be happy if you could read Philippians 1:6. God loves you, God cares for your Dad more than you do. Remain for ever blessed!

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